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Advances in Mathematical Finance and Applications

ISSN (Print): 2538-5569

ISSN (Online): 2645-4610

Advances in Mathematical Finance and Applications (AMFA) is an international scientific journal which published every three months (four issues per year) by Islamic Azad University, Arak Branch, Arak, Iran. The journal publishes original papers and reviews in English dealing with theoretical and applied research related to financial mathematics.

Publication Charges:

Advances in Mathematical Finance and Applications (AMFA), under printed license number 2538 - 5569 and online license number 2645-4610, dated 2016/5/12, and portal of scientific publications of the Ministry of Science, Research and technology to the address


has received the scientific grade (former scientific-research) and in the evaluation of dated 2020, the quarterly has obtained the “ B ” grade. According to the executive instructions of the financial support of Islamic Azad University scientific journals (10/62815-98/10/04), in case of initial approval by the editor, for sending each article for judging, the amount of 1/500/000 Rials and after the final approval, the amount of 3/500/000 Rials will be received from the esteemed authors for publication of the article. It should be noted that if the article be rejected by the steemed judges, the initial payment cannot be returned to the author. For foreigners the Article Processing Charges is 50$ for final approval step.


The  Article  Processing  Charges charged by Islamic Azad University Open Access journals for review and publishing process :



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5,000,000 Rials


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