The Effect of Industry Type on the Relationship between Financial Reporting Transparency and Financial Health in Tehran Stock Exchange

Document Type : َApplied-Research Paper


Department of Accounting, Islamic Azad University, Aliabad Katoul Branch, Aliabad Katoul, Iran



This study aimed to evaluate the effect of industry type on the relationship between financial reporting transparency and financial health in companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange. The statistical population included companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange during 2005 to 2016. By systematic elimination, 79 companies from 5 industries were selected as statistical sample and were tested by composite regression of hypotheses. Results of significant coefficients test based on fitted regression equations indicated a significant positive relationship between financial reporting transparency and financial health. The moderating relationship of industry type was also confirmed on the relationship between financial reporting transparency and financial health. Hence, business continuity and profitability (financial health) will be greater by investing in companies that have greater financial reporting transparency. Thus, the relationship between financial reporting transparency and financial health is high in industries of automobile, auto part, basic metals, chemicals, cement, lime and plaster, and pharmaceuticals, respectively.


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April 2022
Pages 489-505
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