Optimization Bi Objective for Designing Sustainable Supply Chain Network Economic based Competition by Cost Management Approach

Document Type: Research Paper





This paper presents an integrated mathematical model for cost – environmental based competition between sustainable supply chains (SCCs) with heterogeneous customers in four echelon supply with multi product. The main objective of this paper is to provide bi objective mathematical model for designing SSC network economic based competition and optimize by using meta-heuristic algorithms. Assuming the customers are heterogeneous in the above criteria i.e. cost and pol-lution decision making, we integrated mathematical model and formulated objectives and constraints based multi-echelon supply chain network. The main contribution of this research is to a discrete choice model is integrated into the supply chain network economic model and extends the inter supply chain competition to a new dimensions of cost and environmental. The model in this problem is solved using two metaheuristic algorithms NSGAII and MOPSP. Examples of real case study related to Emersan company is presented for model illustration and managerial insights such as profit maximization and minimize cost for Emersan company that participates in this supply chain network. Finally, NSGA-II performs better and has shorter time in terms of computational time, but MOPSO algorithm is more efficient in MID, SM, QM and DM indices. In comparison of these two algorithms, the performance of MOPSO algorithm is generally better than NSGAII by in indices.