Investigating the Effect of Successive News of Distributed Profits, Negative Adjustment and Late Announcement of Adjustment on the Market Reaction Process

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Management, Arak Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran



In this research, we have tried to investigate the effect of successive news of dis-tributed profits, negative adjustment and late announcement of an adjustment on the market reaction process in Iran. Following the design of the market response evaluation indicators, the transaction information was collected from the Stock Exchange in the five-year period of 2011-2015. The statistical sample consists of 125 companies selected by systematic elimination method and a total of 625 years-firms. To investigate the research hypotheses, linear regression and correlation have been used and for analyzing the data and testing the hypotheses, Eviews software has been used. What is summarized in the overall conclusion of the test of research hypotheses is that the successive news of distributed profits has an effect on the market reaction process;moreover, negative adjustment has a negative impact in the forecast of earnings per share and late announcement of the adjustment of the earnings per share on the market reaction process.Finally, the results indicated that the market's negative reaction to the late negative adjustment of the earnings per share forecasting is not lower than timely negative adjustment of earnings per share forecasting, and the positive reaction of the market to adjust the timely positive or zero forecast of earning per share, compared to adjusting the late positive or zero forecast of earnings per share is also no greater. the results obtained in this study are partly consistent with the documentation referenced in the theoretical framework of the research and financial literature


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